Your gut twists, sweat breaks out, your mind blanks.


You just don't know what to say!



You are not on your own! Download 3 free step-by-step videos
to overcome anxiety, awkwardness and never run out of things to say!

"I can feel anxious when I don't know the answer to a question, and I'm not very good at thinking on the spot when anxious. [...] [but] I opened a calm, flowing conversation with a shop assistant last week. We were both laughing. Loudly! It felt great."

- Callum B


"Listening to your video and reading your posts; which were great, I accumulated courage to walk out and execute it."

- Raghav S

Get out of your head, feel relaxed and know what to say!

People don’t really behave logically. If you try figuring out how to socialize and connect, you face your own fears, but also the quirks of others. What's up with that? Why does it make you so anxious? How do you act? What do you say?

This video course helps you, to stop assuming people don't like you, start conversations anywhere, overcome awkward silence and always know what to say next. Get out of your head and start enjoying relaxed conversations.

You don't have to be just the quiet guy, be talkative, interesting and open instead. Enjoy telling stories, bantering and just have fun with others. Not just simple small talk, but real meaningful conversation. So you enjoy meeting people and making new friends!


So what will you learn: 

  • 6 ways to start a conversation

  • How to always have something interesting to say


  • Easily connect to anyone you meet
  • Solve 90% of your social problems by stopping to assume people don’t like you 

  • Letting go of your social filters

  • Unashamedly be yourself

Who are you? Who wrote this? 



I'm Timon, what's up? As a coach I help my fellow nerds grow socially and become confident!


Not just surface techniques and hacks, but digging deep in the underlying psychology and philosophy. Added bonus: cheap jokes and way too easy references.


My friend, it is time to get out of your head and start connecting, let me give you a hand, so you can feel easy socializing with anyone!

Clickbait tricks? Your mom’s advice!?

Time for something that works!



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