No more blanking out and awkward silences!


Use these 27 solid techniques
to never run out of interesting things to say!



Be your nerdy self, meet people, make new friends!

"I learned a number of powerful strategies and tactics for improving my confidence and reducing anxiety. [...] [to] overcome conversational awkwardness by showing interest in the other person and asking questions. I learned that to practice my social skills, I don't need to throw myself into the deep end. [...] That really takes the pressure off. "

- Callum B


Get out of your head, feel relaxed and know what to say!

People don’t really behave logically. If you are figuring out how to have flowing conversations, you not only face your own irrational drives, but also the quirks of others. What's going on? That ramps up the anxiety! Now what?

This book describes 27 techniques that will help you. So you stop assuming people don't like you, or zone out during conversation. Overcome awkward silence and always know what to say next. Start enjoying relaxed flowing conversations.

You don't have to be just the quiet guy, be sociable and open instead. Enjoy drawing attention to yourself and have fun talking to people. Taking it from simple small talk to real and meaningful conversation. So it's more fun meeting people and making new friends!


Easy, easy,... this is what you'll learn: 

  • How to always have something interesting to say

  • How to stop filtering yourself and start connecting


  • Digging deep to relate to anyone you meet
  • Understanding the dynamics of the verbal game

  • Getting it by using intimacy and flow

  • Overcoming failure if you do drop the ball

Voila, a glimpse of what's inside:


Who are you? Who wrote this? 



I'm Timon, what's up? As a coach I help my fellow nerdy peeps develop their socials skills and confidence!


I talk about all the aspects related to socializing. Including the underlying psychology and philosophy. I even make it fun with cheap jokes and way too easy references.


Let me help you build the confidence to meet new people. Time to get out of your head and start making new friends!

Counseling? Self-help books? Your mom’s advice!?

Time for something that works sustainably!


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