Use these 27 tactics to never again run out of things to say!


Stop feeling awkward, hang out with new friends and be your nerdy self! 


 "I learned a number of powerful strategies and tactics for improving my confidence and reducing anxiety. [...] I learned that I can overcome conversational awkwardness by showing interest in the other person and asking questions. I learned that to practice my social skills, I don't need to throw myself into the deep end. [...] That really takes the pressure off. "

- Callum B

Who am I?


I'm Timon, as a coach, I help nerdy guys develop their socials skills and confidence. 


I address all the aspects related to socializing. Including the underlying psychology and philosophy. The cheap jokes are an added bonus.



Learn to meet new people with confidence. Get out of your head, approach strangers and make new friends!


Never run out of things to say and keep conversations going! Learn to face awkward silences and socialize with ease!


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